Welcome to the St. Clair-Detroit River Sturgeon for Tomorrow. A non-profit organization dedicated to the future of lake sturgeon within the Huron-Erie Corridor.

Map diagram provided by Michigan Sea Grant


The Mission of St. Clair-Detroit River Sturgeon for Tomorrow:

"To perpetuate Lake Sturgeon through the support of science and public education by promoting, preserving, and protecting ethical and sustainable fishing; by assisting management agencies and their partners in their effort to improve sturgeon populations and habitats; by promoting conservation through community outreach and education; and by engaging in other charitable activities deemed proper and necessary to accomplish the foregoing objectives within the Huron-Erie corridor."

Report a Tagged Lake Sturgeon and Get a Lake Sturgeon Management Cooperator Patch!

St. Clair-Detroit River Sturgeon for Tomorrow has completed the design and funded a lake sturgeon cooperator patch!  Anglers reporting the catch of a tagged lake sturgeon to the DNR will receive a letter with information about the fish and the Lake Sturgeon Management Cooperator Patch pictured below. Click on the patch to report your tagged lake sturgeon today!